Jenny Hval: il nuovo album


L’avevamo vista (in pochi) otto anni fa, all’epoca di ‘Viscera’, in una fredda serata d’ottobre nella romana Locanda Atlantide. L’ex-signorina Rockettothesky – 38 anni da poco compiuti – non placa la sua vena prolifica di artista a cinque stelle, confezionando a distanza di un anno dal precedente EP ‘The Long Sleep’ e a tre dal meraviglioso ‘Blood Bitch’ (che seguiva ‘Apocalypse, girl’ ovverosia la nuova vita in casa Sacred Bones), il nuovo ‘The Practice of Love’. Il disco sarà fuori il 13 settembre via Sacred Bones anticipato dal singolo ‘Ashes to Ashes‘ mentre troviamo come ospiti Vivian Wang, Félicia Atkinson e Laura Jean Englert. Jenny Hval racconta: “This all sounds very clichéd, like a standard greeting card expression, but for me, love, and the practice of love, has been deeply tied to the feeling of otherness. Love as a theme in art has been the domain of the canonized, big artists, and I have always seen myself as a minor character, a voice that speaks of other things. But in the last few years I have wanted to take a closer look at the practice of otherness, this fragile performance, and how it can express love, intimacy, empathy and desire. I have wanted to ask bigger, wider, kind of idiotic questions like: What is our job as a member of the human race? Do we have to accept this job, and if we don’t, does the pressure to be normal ever stop?”.

Un mese dopo ecco anche ‘High Alice‘ e a seguire ‘Accident.