Jamie xx: il nuovo singolo


Cinque anni dopo ‘In Colour’ Jamie xx torna con il nuovo singolo ‘idontknow‘ (via Young Turks > “The track will be pressed to a 12-inch vinyl available exclusively via independent retailers on May 1 in the UK, with the rest of the world to follow”). Il video (eccone un assaggio) è stato pensato e realizzato dalla coreografa irlandese Oona Doherty che racconta:

I was in Belfast with no money, lucky enough to get a free studio, So I asked for people to come in listen to your track and have a dance. Their not models, Their not actors, Their not influencer’s, Just good chums who were willing to show up for nothing and dance for one night. Their Legends I heard you’d had a rough year. And when its rough the music and the art goes away for a little bit. And now you’ve has made this…. I think it important that you see, some just, normal folk, honestly reacting to your music. Their not perfect, Insta shiny, but theirs feeling it. And no matter what happens look how your music moves people! releases’ them, gets them riled up, full of beauty, awkwardness, pain, guilt and pleasure! Whatever the video ends up being I just wanted you to see this. And even if we never meet and even if times are hard, just remember, I am, my friends are and lots of people are moving and shaking and making a dick out of selves, letting loose, because of your sound. It a powerful thing. Be proud chum. Don’t doubt. Its good Your good – Oona