James Dean Bradfield: il nuovo album


14 anni dopo ‘The Great Western’ torna solista il leader dei Manic Street Preachers. E lo fa con ‘Even In Exile’ fuori il 14 agosto via The Orchard. Il disco si ispira alla vita del poeta/attivista/cantante cileno Victor Jara al quale ha collaborato il poeta Patrick Jones. James Dean Bradfield racconta: “Sometime at the start of 2019, Patrick gave me a handful of poems each of which touched on different aspects of Victor Jara’s life. When I read them, I was struck by the idea that if a life means anything, it will continue after death. That thought stuck with me and made me want to turn Patrick’s words into a record. In terms of creating art about an artist, I was inspired by the album Mermaid Avenue by Wilco and Billy Bragg. That record took the words of Woody Guthrie and presented them in a different context, creating a loving act of artistic archeology and a fitting tribute to a great mind”. Dopo i brani lanciati qualche giorno fa – ‘There’ll Come A War’ e ‘Seeking The Room With The Three Windows’ – arriva il primo singolo ‘The Boy From The Plantation’.