In memory of Andrea Marongiu


La morte di Andrea Marongiu, batterista dei Crystal Fighters, è arrivata qualche giorno fa improvvisa e devastante (leggi). Mentre la band ovviamente annulla gli impegni live (Roma compresa) viene aperto un sito di raccolta fondi in suo nome (apri).

We, Andrea’s family and friends, are raising money in memory of a gifted musician, beloved husband, son, brother and friend. His unexpected and untimely death has left us without one of the best and brightest people we knew. We want to celebrate his life and his amazing warmth and energy with a foundation in his name to build something positive out of this tragedy and give people hope by seeing the start of an enduring legacy. Our aim is to provide access to music for young people – and to help them to grow and be impassioned by music in the way Andrea was. This way, through your generosity, we hope that people will have their lives enriched and improved by Andrea, in the same way he made our world a happier place.