I Blame Morrissey


Esce il 24 ottobre per la Britain’s Next Bestseller il libro di Jamie Jones “I Blame Morrissey”. L’autore lo presenta e racconta così: “My new book ‘I Blame Morrissey’ is a look back at the 1990’s through the eyes of a lad growing up in suburbia who one day buys ‘Beethoven Was Deaf’ and within an hour has declared his love for Moz… The synopsis of the book is attached… the easiest way to discover what the book is about is to watch the animated promo video”.

“I Blame Morrissey” is the story of how one boy became a man in the 1990’s whilst wrestling with teenage love, an indie music habit and an obsession with Morrissey. Jay is 13 when the story begins in 1990, living with his parents in Peterborough and he’s a contented adolescent. His life changes forever when his dad takes him to a David Bowie gig. With his hormones kicked into first gear by the combination of the Thin White Duke and a 20 something woman dancing near him at the gig, he embarks on his first steps towards manhood with Jo. They share a mutual love of Billy Bragg, Peterborough United Football Club and meeting behind the science block after school.

After his 18 month dalliance with Jo, Jay finds himself stood in a field at the Reading Festival falling head over heels in love with Tim Burgess, the lead singer of The Charlatans. He questions his sexuality further when in 1993; he buys a CD from a second hand shop for £2 and discovers Morrissey. Within days, he has become a Morrissey clone with the quiff haircut and the move to vegetarianism. Morrissey has become his inspiration for all of the questions that life has to offer a teenage boy looking to become a man. A darkly comic incident with a bi-sexual male at a festival in 1993 convinces Jay that although he adores Morrissey, his hormones want to lie next to the opposite sex. He then plunders into the summer of Britpop in 1994 in the arms of his best mate’s ex-girlfriend and all seems well, until his inner-Morrissey forces him to end it all and go back to being a miserable git. The move to Cardiff University in 1995 sees him fall for a girl called Amy, whose trainers he manages to ruin during their first meeting. This is despite the fact that he already has a girlfriend waiting for him back home. Unfortunately Amy fancies his flatmate Matt and Jay has to listen to their nocturnal escapades through the paper thin walls of their shared accommodation. Eventually Amy sees the error of her ways and through a combination of self-depreciating charm, mix-tapes and alcohol Jay eventually gets the girl (having first dumped Jess by using Morrissey lyrics to explain his reasoning).

They live in soft focus happiness for a time before the ugly presence of Jay’s inner-Morrissey reasserts its control and forces him into ever more ridiculous scenarios that cause utter misery to the love of his life. They then spend the next 2 years breaking each other’s hearts, minds and spirits in Cardiff, Paris and at a myriad of festivals and nights out.In 1998 she eventually leaves him, and distraught he ends up having a disastrous one-night stand with his old flame Jess in a budget hotel. Jay still manages to fit in more musical addiction, a trip to the World Cup and 2 more relationships (one with his boss) before the story ends in a fateful Millennium Eve stood by the River Thames. He wakes on the first day of the new millennium to find himself being dumped by his girlfriend, whilst only wearing a pair of Elvis Presley boxer’s shorts and matching socks. As always in times of strife he turns back to the one person who understands his pain and the comedic shambles that is his life, Morrissey.