Giant Drag: sette anni dopo


Alla testa rimane sempre e solo lei: Annie Hardy. Lei che è da oltre dieci anni Giant Drag. Sound dalle reminiscenze alternative, indie rock per comodità, riferibile alle stagioni riverberate tra MBV e Jesus & Mary Chain (quest’ultimi anche supportati), con inflessione dreamy sulla scia dell’inarrivabile Hope Sandoval. Più di sette anni dopo il secondo ‘Hearts And Unicorns’ il 5 marzo arriva ‘Waking Up Is Hard To Do’ via Full Psycho Records. Ecco il comunicato della band (che la Hardy divide con Micah Calabrese).

“This LP has been a total curse on my existence; every time I team up with a record company or person to get this thing out something goes wrong and it just ends up sitting there like it has for 7 years now, so I am putting this thing out myself this coming Tuesday 5th March. I want to engage people once again and make the rest of the world care as well. Basically the last couple years of my life were pure hell and I spent it (and my success period of GD) a slave to prescription drugs, only to go to rehab last October to get clean. Legal battles were won and health problems have remained and I’m kind of getting honest with everyone for the first time. It’s already turning out to be a wild ride and I think things will keep getting better. I hope if you survive listening to this record you’ll be excited as I am about what’s to come.”