Garry SHIDER – R.I.P.


Il chitarrista/cantante, membro originale dei FunkadelicParliament, Garry “Diaper Man” AKA “Starchild” Shider è morto il 16 giugno a 56 anni stroncato da un tumore. “The Plainfield native and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, best known as the musical director of George Clinton’s Parliament and Funkadelic bands, died today at the age of 56, from complications arising from brain and lung cancer. Shider met George Clinton in the late ’60s at the famous Plainfield barbershop that acted as P-Funk’s base of operations. Shider’s vocal and instrumental talent impressed Clinton”. Nel 1997 assieme agli altri 15 membri dei Parliament/Funkadelic era stato introdotto della Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Un anno prima collabora con i Black Crowes nell’album ‘Three Snakes And One Charm’.