Fucked Up: il nuovo album


Il ritorno è un doppio album. ‘Dose Your Dreams’ fuori il 5 ottobre via Merge anticipato a fine luglio dai singoli ‘Raise Your Voice Joyce‘ e ‘Two Is Closed’. Poi ecco ‘Normal People‘ e ‘House of Keys‘. A fine mese ‘Accelerate‘.

Fucked Up unleash Dose Your Dreams on October 5, 2018. And psych-rock-groove it is. The drums mixed wide, propensity for drones, for delay pedal, for repetition, groove. The politics and aesthetics of hardcore married to an “open format” approach to genre. Elements of doo-wop, krautrock, groove, digital hardcore. As with David Comes to Life, there is a story here. David—who once came to life—is now indentured to a desk job. David meets the elderly Joyce who closes his eyes, opens his mind, and sends him on a spiritual journey. David embarks on his own metaphysical odyssey. He sees a stage adaptation of his own life. He speaks to an angel in a lightbulb. He sees an infinite series of universes as simulations within simulations.