Francesca Belmonte: il debutto


L’ultima musa di Tricky. L’allieva sembra però aver superato il maestro. L’italo-irlandese Francesca Belmonte (londinese di nascita) – dal 2008 “accanto” ad Adrian Thaws – annuncia il debutto ‘Anima’ che sarà fuori il 1 giugno sulla False Idols dell’artista bristoliano. Il disco viene anticipato dallo splendido singolo ‘Are You‘. “‘Are You’ is about whatever you want it to be. To me it’s about people’s internal struggles, a sketch of the way one can see the world and the discomfort one can feel in it. We have to have compassion for one another because we are living in exciting but strange and disconnected times. People who feel overwhelmed, sad, awkward, devastated, numb, odd, unreal… This is a torch for them”.