Elliott Smith: 13 years ago


Tredici anni dopo Elliott Smith viene ancora costantemente, giustamente omaggiato con ogni tipo di “ricordo”. Operazioni che non accennano a diminuire come ha dimostrato la raccolta ‘An Introduction to… Elliott Smith’ pubblicata nel 2010 dalla Kill Rock Stars, che poi nel 2012 ha messo in moto un’operazione di ristampa e vendite speciali (versioni viniliche in 180gr del debutto omonimo del 1995 e del capolavoro ‘Either/Or’, il Digital Box Set ‘Elliott Smith: The Indie Years’ che contiene tutto il catalogo stampato dall’etichetta…). Fino ai concerti celebrativi del 2013 a dieci anni dalla scomparsa e al prezioso documentario “Heaven Adores You” presentato in primavera al San Francisco International Film Festival. Non è tutto perchè uno dei produttori del film, nonchè grande amico di Smith, Kevin Moyer, ha in questi giorni tirato fuori dal cilindro un altro brano inedito dal titolo ‘Ocean‘ eseguito dal compianto artista americano nella sua casa in Texas all’età di 14 anni.

Steven Paul Smith è ancora saldamente tra noi. E scorre sicuro tra il cuore e l’anima. Scorre leggero, discreto, malinconico, come può essere solo una persona nata nel Nebraska, cresciuta in Texas e vissuta a Portland. Elliott Smith rimane senza dubbio il cantautore più influente ed importante della sua epoca. Una discografia inarrivabile che viene costantemente omaggiata, tributata, plagiata, copiata, presa ad esempio. Occhi lucidi nel ricordare e scrivere ancora di lui. Angelo tormentato. Un mondo ancora in movimento. Un mondo dentro una vita. Intensa, profonda, irripetibile come un bacio ad occhi chiusi.

“The way I think about it is… I don’t really think about it in terms of language, I think about it more like shapes. That’s an interesting thing to talk about but it’s difficult. I’m really into chord changes. That was the thing that I liked when I was a kid. So, I’m not like a… I don’t make up “a riff” really. It’s usually like… that sequence that has some implied melody in it or something like that”.

‘Angeles’ live

Quel giorno che Elliott morì.

October 21, 2003, Los Angeles, California, United States
Elliott Smith, Died

“Folk-punk singer/songwriter Elliott Smith has died, an apparent suicide, according to the Los Angeles County Department of the Coroner’s office. Smith was found in his apartment, in the Silverlake section of Los Angeles, by a female friend, who took him to a local hospital at approximately 12:18 p.m. on Tuesday”

La famiglia.

“Elliott was a beautiful, gentle soul, generous beyond words and loved so much by all of us. We wish to extend our gratitude to the many people who supported him and have been touched by his music. While Elliott will be deeply missed, his spirit will always be with us.”

Gli amici, i colleghi.

Ben Gibbard: “Today is a very sad day. Elliott was a very important person in my life.”

John Roderick: “It’s a tragedy what happened to Elliott Smith. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him, so this set is dedicated to him.”

Ben Affleck: “It’s a terrible loss of a real talent”.

Gus Van Sant: “His music was always very serious and honest and it’s too bad we won’t have that anymore.”

Steve Hanft: “He was a misunderstood genius, and each time he sat down with his acoustic guitar and played a song it was better than the last”.

Blake Sennett: “For us, Elliott is one of the great pillars to the kind of music we try to contribute to”.

Jenny Lewis: “His music is so incredible on so many levels, a lot of the musicians playing here tonight have commented on how difficult it is to learn it. He was such an amazing guitar player and incredible lyricist and beautiful voice. For this generation of songwriters, he was incredibly important and timeless.”

Beck: “The good thing about his songs is they’re so well made, they’re so crafted and meticulous, they can weather even the most feeble rendition”.

John Doe: “Elliott influenced a lot of people”.

Eels: “Eels are very saddened to hear of their friend and neighbour Elliott Smith’s death. He was a really sweet guy that wasn’t equipped to deal with some of the cards that life dealt him.”

Moby: “It’s terribly sad. Elliott Smith was an amazing singer and songwriter and it’s terribly sad that he’s no longer here.”

Il Paradiso secondo Elliott.

“George Jones would be singing all the time. It would be like New York in reverse. People would be nice to each other for no reason at all. And it would smell good.”

Emanuele Tamagnini