Eleanor Friedberger: il nuovo album


La data è il 4 maggio. ‘Rebound’ il titolo. Torna una delle nostre artiste più amate. Eleanor Friedberger a due anni dal bellissimo ‘New View’ sempre via Frenchkiss. “Rebound is an entirely new sound for Eleanor, exchanging live instrumentation for programmed drums, a Juno synthesizer, and muted guitars, creating a sonic landscape where influences range from Stereolab and Suicide to Lena Platonos and Yellow Magic Orchestra. Friedberger is half-Greek and traveled to Greece frequently with her family. Rebound is inspired by time she spent in Greece in late 2016 and is named after an ’80s goth disco in Athens. Below is a full statement from Friedberger on the album and the influence Greece had on it”. Primo singolo ‘In Between Stars’.