Due anni dopo ‘The Weight Of Your Love’ gli Editors (grazie alla “curiosità” di un fan) qualche mese fa hanno lanciato un assaggio di quelo che sarà il nuovo album. Finito il mixaggio a marzo il quinto lavoro è stato anticipato da ‘No Harm‘ (Tom Smith: “I’ll boil easier than you, crush my bones into glue, I’m a go-getter – the system’s in red, the room is inbred, I’m a go-getter”) inclusa come hidden track nel sampler della compilation PIAS ‘Play It Again Sam’. “Well done to fan Erik Drost who found our hidden track on the Play It Again Sam sampler CD… If you already have the sampler CD, you have the track! Use a CD player and rewind back from the first track to find it. Erik also uploaded the song to YouTube for those of you without CD players”.

Marching Orders‘ è il nuovo singolo che viene così “pubblicato”: “is due to receive a limited edition physical release, with each of the 300 hand stamped test pressing copies due to be smuggled into an Oxfam outlet across the country”. La band racconta: “We’ve been supporters of Oxfam’s amazing, vital work for many years, from supporting their Oxfam unwrapped campaign back in Xmas 2007, performing at Oxjam gigs and also hosting Oxfam campaigners on our tours to help raise funds and spread the word about the charity with our fans”.

Il nuovo album si chiama ‘In Dream’ e sarà fuori il 2 ottobre via Play It Again Sam. Mixato a Londra da Alan Moulder l’album viene così presentato: “Our new record is called In Dream, it’s out in October. Our last record was the sound of us learning to walk again, with new legs! In Dream, our first self produced album, is us diving into the computer, a real studio record, made in isolation by the 5 of us. Can’t wait for you all to hear it. T X”.

Il nuovo video è ‘Life Is a Fear‘.

UPDATE – Ecco ‘The Law‘ il brano con Rachel Goswell.