Eagles of Death Metal: ancora a Parigi


Il tour cancellato dopo i tragici fatti parigini. L’inevitabile concitazione mediatica che li ha portati, loro malgrado, sotto i riflettori di tutto il mondo. La band californiana si troverebbe ancora a Parigi: “The Eagles of Death Metal are still in a hotel in Paris with guards protecting them and also a reported FBI presence”. Intanto a Fox Carolina hanno raccolto le testimonianze dei familiari della band (“From the King and Hughes family, what we would like to say to the people of the City of Lights, we’re heartbroken over it too, because these people were the people who loved our cousin. And the other people who were victims of the tragedy, our heart goes out to them. We can only imagine how they feel, we almost lost our cousin, and it almost killed us thinking that he might have passed away”).

Il tributo del mondo musicale che riguarda anche la scomparsa di Nick Alexander.

Intanto i Deftones scrivono:

“Hello all- Much has been said, as well as seen, on every media outlet about the events in Paris. Some of us were in attendance at the Le Bataclan, and the rest of our family, just blocks away on this night. We have been to Paris many, many times, and we’ve had some of the most amazing shows in this tremendously electric city. With this being said, and with our deepest condolences, love and respect to everyone affected, and to all of us who share this planet, we must return home to our loved ones. We will return when appropriate. For ticket holders, we will have more information soon, so please hang tight. Until then, please never forget the power of gathering, and one of the most unbelievable feelings of all: that P.M.A. With much love and respect, Deftones”.