Dylan Carlson: il nuovo album


Meriterebbe un capitolo a parte Dylan Carlson. Il 50enne leader dei monolitici Earth torna con il nuovo album ‘Conquistador’ dopo le precedenti avventure soliste con il nome drcarlsonalbion. Al disco hanno collaborato Emma Ruth Rundle e Holly Carlson moglie del musicista americano. Cinque brani trip fuori il 27 aprile via Sargent House.

For his first proper full-length as Dylan Carlson, the guitarist returns West. Whereas Earth has sought to score Cormac McCarthy’s examination of white settlers’ horrific campaign against Native Americans in Blood Meridian, Conquistador bypasses the intermediary narrative of a novelist. Long heralded as a master of minimalism, Carlson’s album demonstrates his ability to craft compelling symphonic compositions while exercising extreme musical frugality.

Dopo ‘Scorpions In Their Mouths‘ tocca a ‘When the Horses Were Shorn of Their Hooves‘.