Duran Duran: il tributo


E’ uscito il 15 luglio via Manimal Group ‘Making Patterns Rhyme: A Tribute to Duran Duran’. Il giusto riconoscimento alla gloriosa formazione di Birmingham che non da molto ha tagliato il traguardo dei 35 anni di attività e che attualmente è al lavoro con John Frusciante (leggi). I proventi del disco saranno devoluti ad Amnesty International. Il boss dell’etichetta spiega: Duran Duran started out as a gang of art-school kids who were in the thick of the UK post-punk scene. The only difference between Duran Duran and bands like the Cure or Wire is that Duran saw the artistic edge in disco as well as early British punk and art-rock and created a blend of their own mainstream-friendly choruses, dance beats and rhythms. Simon [Le Bon]’s lyrics in my opinion are right up there with such revered artists as Gang of Four, the Fall and the Clash. Their incredible music was much overshadowed by massive early stardom. Duran to me will always be the post-punk band that introduced Americans to British new wave and made it a mainstream brand of music in the 1980s”.

1 Moby – “Rio”
2 Beliefs: “Sound of Thunder”
3 Service Bells: “Anyone Out There”
4 Soko: “Girls on Film”
5 Warpaint: “The Chauffeur”
6 Luxxury: “Planet Earth”
7 Little Dragon: “Save a Prayer”
8 Carina Round: “Come Undone” (ft. Aidan Hakwen)
9 Vum: “Winter Marches On”
10 Louise Burns: “Land”
11 Austra: “American Science”
12 Darklands: “Union of the Snake”
13 Halo Circus: “Do You Believe in Shame?”
14 Trends: “My Own Way”
15 Barbarian: “Late Bar”
16 The Holiday Crowd: “Friends of Mine”
17 Verdigrls: “Secret Oktober”
18 Trends: “My Own Way”
19 Lewis + Clarke: “Seventh Stranger”