Don Buchla – RIP


L’addio a 79 anni. Un posto in prima fila tra i grandissimi dell’Olimpo. Scompare Donald Buchla tra le figure più importanti e decisive nella storia del sintetizzatore. Un pioniere assoluto così ricordato:

“Buchla’s vision was to make new instruments for new music, and his work encouraged new ways of thinking about sound and music. His designs used a new language for discussing sound, controlling sound and performing with it”.

“He founded Buchla and Associates in 1962, and in 1963 he created the 100 series Modular Electronic Music System. His early systems were central to the pioneering 60’s electronic works of Morton Subotnick. Subotnick and Buchla’s work helped define what is now known as ‘West Coast Synthesis‘”.

Don Buchla è il padre di Ezra Buchla fondatore dei californiani Mae Shi (recentemente riuniti), successivamente leader dei Gowns, coinvolto anche con Evangelista, Amps For Christ, Chelsea Wolfe e Claire Cronin.