David Byrne: "Google is evil"


David Byrne pensa che Google sia il diavolo. Un’opinione espressa dopo aver avuto (evidentemente) problemi con uno dei suoi dispositivi di Android. Il sito ufficiale dell’ex-Talking Heads parla chiaro (apri). Ecco uno stralcio.

Poking around, it seems that the latest version of Android (KitKat) disables certain kinds of uses on these storage cards that I had purchased; Google (who helped develop the Android operating system, and later bought it) seems to have intentionally crippled my devices. It cost me money for those cards, but more importantly, I use them as a creative tool. Phones especially get filled up with apps and other stuff, but if I can store my pictures, music and voice memos on an SD card, I can worry less about memory issues…

…Other forums suggest Google is “forcing” us to store stuff in the Cloud, presumably where they can get at all our data and then market it to advertisers. It’s a weird feeling to have an invisible corporate hand reach into your gizmo, without asking really, and cripple it. Wish I could do the same–reach in there and cripple their search algorithm–because, maybe on a whim, I determined I wanted it to work differently.