David Berman – RIP


Era appena tornato con il suo progetto Purple Mountains (disco omonimo pubblicato a metà luglio via Drag City) dieci anni dopo la fine dei Silver Jews. Scompare all’età di 52 anni David Craig Berman, minato probabilmente da anni di abusi di stupefacenti (siamo agli inizi del nuovo millennio) che lo vedono costantemente fare uso di eroina e crack. Non è un caso che nel novembre 2003, a Nashville, Berman tenta il suicidio ingerendo “300 Xanax pills combined with crack cocaine”. Recentemente aveva dichiarato riguardo la sua ritrovata sobrietà: “I was only 100% sober for Tanglewood Numbers. Touring made me a daily pot smoker. It was the only way I could cordon myself off from the fuss, and endure the boredom. I was a daily smoker from 2006–09”. Il poeta Berman era nato in Virginia e proprio nell’Università dello stato forma gli Ectoslavia con i compagni James McNewStephen MalkmusBob Nastanovich. Con gli ultimi due formerà i Silver Jews (1989-2009) che nell’ultima parte di carriera vedranno membro stabile anche la moglie Cassie Berman dalla quale poi si separerà.

La morte di Berman è stata così annunciata dalla Drag City: “We couldn’t be more sorry to tell you this. David Berman passed away earlier today. A great friend and one of the most inspiring individuals we’ve ever known is gone. Rest easy, David”.

The Mountain GoatsOf, loosely, my generation of songwriters, the best of us. This loss is devastating. Rest easy, fellow traveler.

Stephen MalkmusI didn’t know about my friend DCB when I wrote this must have been in the air .His death is fucking dark ..depression is crippling.. he was a one of a kinder the songs he wrote were his main passion esp at the end. Hope death equals peace cuz he could sure use it

SuperchunkYou’re just listening to someone’s music one day assuming there will be more and then they’re gone. Huge loss. Thankful for the records we have & thinking about everyone who knew David Berman, played & worked with him

Kevin Morby > link


Aaron DessnerVery very sad to hear David Berman has passed away. A massive talent and a huge influence on us. RIP

Carl Newman700 hundred taken today in ICE raids, mass shootings every other day, an endlessly poisonous + cruel political climate and the death of David Berman. Something awful and dispiriting for everyone.

Josh Ritter“I’m gonna shine out in the wild silence.” David Berman, you shocked me with the beauty of your language and vision. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Japanese BreakfastJesus Christ David Berman you fucking legend my heart is sinking

Cold CaveTime Will Break the World. RIP David Berman.

Ryley WalkerHurts that David Berman was suffering so much. He brought me and I’m sure all of you so much joy. Twisted eccentricities of the suburbs were psychedelic cartoons in his lyrics. Sad day. It’s raining in NYC.

Craig FinnCrushed. So much beauty. RIP DB. 

Ted LeoI’m so sad to hear that David Berman is gone. He was a great great talent and a nice guy that I only knew from random passings at random festivals, but I’ll miss him, and my heart goes out to everyone he loved and everyone who loved him and loves him still.

The AvalanchesWe have no words to describe how we feel this morning to learn of the loss of David Berman. All our love goes out to his family, loved ones, the drag city family and the musicians who journeyed with him

Cat PowerWhen we were young with all that we knew. Time is here wishing it was with you. We all love you David. We will cherish the days while we smile on those nights so long ago.

J MascisFucking Shit, come on man this is BullShit

Kurt VileSo crushed. I grew up on David Berman and the Silver Jews catalogue in mostly real time… in such a way that his music and lyrics and vocals have touched me to this day and are still growing in significance (and of course a higher high of nostalgia on the side with each revisitation… and there has been so much revisiting these last few years I must say). I was so excited for these upcoming shows and how amazing the new Purple Mountains record is. I was so stoked and so proud of Jarvis and Jeremy and the @woodsist gang for knocking this album outta the park. David’s music always hit on a basic human gut level just in the power of his lyrics and voice alone… in a way no other modern artist of my generation has been able to… We were friends but I was looking forward to hopefully becoming closer and was so excited to see him around with purple mountains and hopefully play on “trains across the sea” in philly. Speaking of that tune (and others)… I’ve been singing a few silver jews songs to my daughters at night before they go to bed… since they were little… (it was a no brainer in the dna if my upbringing…) they were always affected by Cassie’s beautiful voice in “Tennessee” and would wanna sing that part… to the extent the first song my oldest daughter Awilda sang from memory (and later we recorded a version of) was “trains across the sea” and she performed “new orleans” at her coop talent show. When my family came thru Nashville David and Cassie took us in graciously and David bought the girls a Mr Games style trinket I guess you might call a diorama music box (?) either way it will be cherished always. Love forever to Cassie and David from Kurt, Suzanne, Awilda and Delphine. “Snow is falling in Manhattan…” “I loved being my mother’s son…” “when god was young… he made the wind and the sun. And since then it’s been a slow education. And you got that one idea again………” “oh… oh oh… I’m lighting. Oh… oh oh… I’m rain. Oh… oh oh… it’s frightening… I’m not the same. I’m not the same. I’m not the same.” ❤️ God bless @dragcityrecords for releasing so much (and all) of his material. R.I.P. David Berman. You will be missed.