David Axelrod – RIP


Una leggenda. Un altro monumento della musica contemporanea. Scompare a 83 anni David Axelrod straordinario compositore e produttore californiano. “Axelrod made his name working at Capitol Records, producing other artists and releasing a dozen albums of his own. His ability to combine soul, jazz and rock elements made him an integral figure in musical history”. Negli anni ’90 la sua musica ottiene una decisa rivampa quando una miriade di artisti del mondo hip hop a colpi di samples pescano dal suo repertorio. La lista è lunghissima e comprende tra gli altri anche Dr. Dre, the Wu-Tang Clan, Lauryn Hill, Lil Wayne, DJ Shadow, Masta Ace, De La Soul. Le cause della morte sono ancora sconosciute.

Questlove > So sad to hear about the passing of musician/composer #DavidAxelrod. He was so immersed in creativity and so pure with his arrangements he WAS hip hop. And understood and appreciated hip hop culture (most cats would get guarded about time moving on & easily take the “NO!!!!!!!!” disposition if they aren’t informed. David embraced and often reached out to producers and beatmakers for cool collabos) he appreciation for music and his ability to recognize musicianship is what I’ll take from him. Rest in Melody. 

DJ Shadow > Producer and composer extraordinaire David Axelrod has passed. Listening to “Songs Of Experience” on repeat for the remainder of the day. I’ll never forget meeting him for the first time in 1998. We asked him to do a remix for “Rabbit In Your Headlights” off the Unkle album. David could be incredibly intimidating, & he did not suffer fools…but if he liked & respected you, he was the most loyal friend on earth.

Hudson Mohawke > Fuck. RIP David Axelrod.