Dave Catching for Paris


Today is still the release of David Catching Dr.No’s ROADRUNNER Octave Fuzz Wah Flying Machina. 
After last friday in Paris things have changed. Especialy after ROCK&ROLL was under attack at the Eagles of Death Metal show, were several Music lovers, people from the Music Industry and people who just wanted to have a fun night with Music and friends lost their life or got injured or have seen things that are terrible. The Sweet Stuff Foundation founded to give assistance to career musicians, Recording engineers and their families struggling with illness and disability. At the moment they give special attention to the victims of friday’s terrorist attack in Paris. 
I think this is important… very important. 
There for I would like to donate all profit made out of Dave and My RoadRunner pedal to this Foundation. 
If you like to help The Sweet Stuff Foundation yourself? Please donate. Please share and support. Thank you all!