D’arcy Wretzky: “I’d consider going back”


48 anni da compiere fra qualche settimana. D’arcy Elizabeth Wretzky-Brown ora è “pulita” e pronta a ritornare nel suo “mondo” a quanto dichiara il suo boyfriend. Un passo indietro per ricordare i momenti bui. Nel 2009 era stata multata perchè alcuni suoi cavalli avevano “invaso” il terreno del vicino, successivamente era stata arrestata (sei giorni passati in prigione nel 2011) perchè non aveva pagato la multa relativa a quell’incidente non presentandosi poi (per ben quattro volte) davanti al giudice. Un altro arresto poi qualche settimana dopo per guida in stato di ebrezza. Di seguito le parole del suo compagno apparse su Facebook:

“I would like to say that D’arcy is not on drugs. As her boyfriend of four years I would not be with someone who is on drugs. She is healthy, mentally and physically. Last night when I came home from work she was with several other musicians who were over and she was playing bass and having a great time with it, after she was done playing we all ate sushi and had a great time. She was smiling all night, and that’s great to see”.

E ancora un ricordo speciale degli Smashing Pumpkins:

“I like this group and the dedication to the band, I shouldn’t take the comments personally but it’s hard not too when they are so mean, untrue, and about your significant other. We live in an age of if its on Wikipedia or TMZ reports it, we are all led to believe it’s true. For example when she went to jail over her horses running free she took the hit for her ex boyfriend who was responsible for the horses and living at the farm when she moved. She did not want this mans child to watch his father go to jail. Is she perfect? Of course not, none of us are. Since I have met her she has come a long way. One wintery night in 2012 we listened to SP all night and drove around in a snow storm singing along and having a good time (and doing doughnuts in the snow) it had been over 10 years since she had listened to her bands music. When I met her she couldn’t even bear to listen to the radio. She has been working on herself and continues to do so. I can tell you that she is one of the most unselfish, empathetic, caring, giving, and sensitive, people I have ever met. Is she addicted? yes, addicted to fashion, science fiction, home renovation projects, Star Wars books, and our animals. She has been taken advantage of financially over the years, and used as a ladder for social climbers.”

UPDATE – Dalle pagine di BlastEcho la bassista rompe il silenzio e racconta come sia stata contattata per ritornare con la band per quattro volte: [I’d] consider going back. Circumstances would have to be a certain way. It’s much too complicated. I wouldn’t be able to tell you anyway”. E ancora: “Over the course of 12 years jamming with people who just clicked, you could just do it forever and ever and ever. For me that doesn’t happen very often and I really miss that”.