Daniel Johnston – RIP


Daniel Johnston, the influential singer-songwriter and visual artist who painted Austin’s famous “Hi How Are You” frog mural on the Drag, died last night following a heart attack at age 58. The news was confirmed by his former manager Jeff Tartakov.

Scompare a 58 anni Daniel Dale Johnston. Leggenda assoluta dell’universo alternative/lo-fi, cantautore, poeta, visual-artist. Figura di culto straordinariamente raccontata nel docufilm del 2005 “The Devil and Daniel Johnston”. Aveva annunciato il suo ritiro dalle scene nel 2017 quando le sue condizioni di salute, che lo avevano tormentato per tutta la vita, gli avevano impedito di continuare oltre. Nato in California, cresciuto in Virginia e musicalmente salito agli onori della cronaca in Texas, Johnston si era fermato discograficamente alla raccolta ‘Space Ducks’ del 2012.

The Johnston family is deeply saddened to announce the death of their brother, Daniel Johnston. He passed away from natural causes this morning at his home outside of Houston, Texas.

Dick Johnston (brother) > I always wanted Danny to feel like his own person, and in control of his own life. Since beginning to work and travel with him in about 2003, we gratefully were able to travel the entire globe for over a decade to get out before the fans. He was always, everywhere, warmly received and he at least knew he was well loved. Health issues have plagued us for years, but I’m glad for the time we had

Tom Gimbel (manager) > I am so saddened by the news of Daniel’s passing. It has been the greatest honor and privilege of my professional life to work with Daniel Johnston – someone who I consider to be one of the greatest songwriting geniuses of our time. In our time together Daniel was more than an artist; he was a friend, he was family. I will miss him greatly but will smile every time I hear his songs

Courtney LoveRest in peace #danieljohnston such a sweet man. (and a nod to the immense and awesome power of a gifted T-shirt to a true fan .. it can’t be bought , analyzed or that… word.. influenced… only worn with exuberance at how beloved you were)

Cold Cave‪I love you Daniel Johnston, sleep easy sweet prince. Hope true love found you

Joseph ArthurRest In Peace Daniel Johnston. Truly one of the great songwriters of our times

Fred SablanTrue love will find you in the end” RIP Daniel Johnston

Ryan Adams#RIPDanielJohnston True Love Will Find You In The End

SpoonKeep punching, Joe.

Death Cab For CutieToday our hearts are heavy with yesterday’s passing of Daniel Johnston. His unique songwriting voice, so pure and so direct, spoke to us deeply. It is quite safe to say there will never be another like him and thankfully, his music will play on


Lali PunaDon’t be sad I know you will. True love will find you in the end. I’m in tears

Har Mar SuperstarOh, man. RIP Daniel Johnston. This one is very sad for me. Such an equally gifted and troubled soul that has greatly inspired me as a songwriter. I used to religiously stop at Sound Exchange to get his tapes on my first tours in the 90s

Zola Jesusthere are not enough words i can say about the important and vitality of daniel johnston’s musical spirit. he was a huge inspiration to me, to follow my creative impulses no matter how messy or simple. RIP.

ThundercatRest In Peace Daniel Johnston.

Lee RanaldoSad to learn of the passing of old friend Daniel Johnston. Here some video I shot of Daniel’s 1988 in-store performance at our then-favorite record store, Hoboken’s Pier Platters. The fragile brilliance of Dan’s early homemade cassette-albums such as Songs of Pain and Hi How Are You? really blew us away when we first heard them. We tried to help him along in those early days (as did many); his genius needed protection… Later as he became more widely known we lost touch but the emotions he channeled thru his music, and his life’s story, never lost the ability to move us.

The Mountain GoatsThose early DJ tunes meant a lot to so many of us. “Walking the Cow” was also a favorite of mine, along with “Keep Punching Joe,” whose lyrics reference “Walking the Cow.” Rest well Daniel Johnston, you sure earned it

Bob NastanovichTo me, Daniel Johnston’s music was either very heavy or very light. There wasn’t a whole lot of in between. His songs either made me laugh or they made me cry. He was brilliant

BeckRIP Daniel Johnston

Tom ScharplingDaniel Johnston was and will always be a heavyweight. He took us all on an artistic journey through light and darkness, his pain was our gift. An all-time great, the songs stand as a perfect summation of an imperfect life. Rest in power and keep punching, Joe.

Charlotte CourbeThis truly breaks my heart today. R.I.P Daniel Johnston. You were so special and your music was unique and beautiful because it was simply you. I love you.

Ezra FurmanDaniel Johnston was one of my best teachers. I love his work and I’m so glad that it’s still here. Forever grateful to my dad for telling me about him after reading a review of the ‘Late Great Daniel Johnston’ compilation, and buying it for me. And thanks DJ for so many songs

Glen HansardDaniel Johnston…God rest his soul…one of the greatest natural talents we’ve ever heard

Blake MillsDaniel Johnston’s recordings opened the door to something really special to me in my early 20’s – they seemed to have entire orchestrations going on even when it was just voice and piano or guitar. RIP

Kevin MorbyAll the good ones leaving us. Thanks for everything and rest easy DJ. You’ve been a constant source of joy and inspiration to us all. If anyone in this world has earned their wings it’s you xoxo – I shared this story last year after revisiting The Devil And Daniel Johnston and being blown away by it twice over…but the first time I saw that doc was in high school with my friend Griffin. After we left the theatre we looked up his parents phone number in the white pages and called his house in Texas and said we worked for a magazine and we had an interview with Daniel, and just like that, they put him on the phone. We spoke briefly about the Beatles and who knows what else. We simply couldn’t believe we were speaking with one of our heroes. Griffin later went on to visit Daniel and play music with him for a day. I saw him a few years later with @cassieramone in New York. I remember him up there singing with his lyric sheets and looking happy. Daniel was a spark of magic.

The CribsSo sad to hear about the passing of Daniel Johnston. He wrote at least two of my favourite songs of all time – “Hey Joe” and “Walking The Cow”. Listening to “Hi, How Are You?” on my old cassette radio whilst doing the washing up is my mental ‘happy place’.

Beach FossilsThis one hurts. RIP Daniel Johnston. One of my favorite songwriters of all-time and a huge inspiration on what it means to be an artist through and through. He was truly DIY and always a genuine creative force. His songs will live on forever.

Tim BurgessThe world has lost a true unsung genius. May more people hear his work. Rest in peace Daniel Johnston

Judd ApatowSo sad to hear of the death of the great Daniel Johnston. Here is a beautiful performance of his which makes me cry every time.

Elijah WoodDaniel Johnston; what a gentle, beautiful treasure. So sad to hear you’ve left us.

Jim GuthrieIn the early 2000s I had the pleasure of playing in a band that opened for Daniel Johnston and it was one of the most surreal and amazing gigs of my life

ShamirDaniel Johnston died. I knew today felt musty! I was JUST talking about him this past weekend with @teddy_thom and @HuckMcFuck  heres my walking the cow cover I did not too long after my bipolar diagnosis. I found major comfort in his art

James Vincent McMorrowJesus, RIP Daniel Johnston, one of the single greatest and most fragile musicians to ever grace this planet. X

Jason RitterDaniel Johnston wrote beautiful songs and inspired countless musicians and songwriters. The heart and its truths are captured in his music. I feel lucky to have been introduced to his artistry. I never know what to say in these times, but I will miss

Jack Antonoff > daniel johnston will be missed. a brilliant story teller and songwriter who carried my friends and i through many over night drives in the van. so much to learn from daniel in the way he shared fearlessly

Eddie ArgosAh man, Daniel Johnston. That ones hit me hard. That dude wrote nearly all of my favourite songs. There won’t be another one of them. What a songwriter.

Michael AzerradDaniel Johnston was a genius. How else to alchemize pain and fear into timeless songs that made people feel not so alone. Drove those demons Out of my head With an organ and a pencil full of lead And when I’m dead I’d like to have it said He drove those demons out of his head

M. Ward > RIP Daniel Johnston

Kristin Hersh“oh my lord/I am so bored/held the hand of satan/I was on mtv/everybody was looking at me/held the hand of the devil” — Daniel Johnston

Kevin DevineHow can it recognize you unless you step out into the light? grateful tears

Jenny Lewisrest in peace to the great american songwriter Daniel Johnston i believe that true love will find you in the end! this is one of my favorites of his many beautiful songs Hey Joe