Crystal Fairy: Melvins + Lopez + Gender Bender


Crystal Fairy. We’ve been working on this project for a while and kept it under wraps until now! New band we’ve (King Buzzo & Dale) started with Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes) and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (At The Drive-In/Mars Volta). 7″ coming this month and self-titled LP arrives Feb. 24 via Ipecac Recordings. A ottobre si presentava così il nuovo progetto Crystal Fairy con il singolo maligno ‘Drugs On The Bus‘ – “This track is from the AmRep “Necklace Of Divorce” 7″ out Oct. 2016 (art HAZE XXL). In attesa del 24 febbraio ecco ‘Chiseler‘ che apre proprio il debutto omonimo.