Chromatics e ‘Dear Tommy’ “distrutto”


Il disco nuovo dei Chromatics annunciato il giorno di San Valentino del 2015. Poi due anni (quasi) di nulla. Oggi è Alexis Rivera (Echo Parks Records), manager della band, che via Twitter rivela come si sono realmente svolti i fatti. Da quel giorno alle Hawaii quando Johnny Jewel rischiò di morire…

Enough people have asked about Dear Tommy and the status of the album, I think it’s time for an update. Christmas day 2015 Johnny almost died in Hawaii. I don’t want to go into details, but I’m sure he’ll discuss it in interviews at some point. When he came back home to California he destroyed all copies of Tommy. 15K CDs & 10K vinyl in the Italians warehouse in Glendale, all gone. When we announced “Twin Peaks” in March, you can see some of those broken Tommy records (vedi foto).

Is it weird to destroy & delete your album once it’s done? Fuck yes. It’s also financially insane. But it wasn’t the first time he’s done it. March of 2011: Glass Candy was playing in Guadalajara & Johnny gave me a box of Kill For Love CDs. He wanted the album out later that month. Then he got hired to score Drive, then that went absolutely snafu. Shit comes up all the time that changes things. Sometimes it’s a blessing. Johnny destroyed the CDs & vinyl of that version of Kill For Love in April 2011. Publicly no one knew. But it kickstarted a creative streak. He worked more on Kill For Love, he worked on Symmetry’s Themes, he worked on more music that I hope we’ll hear sooner rather than later. He even referenced the other version of Kill For Love (and multiple changes) in an interview with pitchfork in 2012. Anyway back to Johnny almost dying. After he went on another streak. Doing Tommy. Producing new acts like Heaven. Doing films & “Twin Peaks”. As for Dear Tommy, now that we are getting closer to the release of the album, Johnny wanted the music from it to come down. “Dear Tommy” has the same titles, same lyrics, same track order, as when it was announced Dec of 2014. Nothing’s changed except it’s better.