Chk Chk Chk: il nuovo album


Gli immarcescibili Chk Chk Chk tornano con il nono album ‘Let It Be Blue’ a due anni dall’EP ‘Certified Heavy Kats’. Il disco che sarà fuori il 6 maggio via Warp è anticipato dal bellissimo singolo ‘Storm Around The World’ che vede la partecipazione di Maria Uzor. Secondo regalo ‘Here’s What I Need to Know’.

Hey, so yeah we finished a record called ‘Let It Be Blue’ cuz finishing records is what we do and touring is just what we do for vacation. So does that mean ur going on vacation? Why, yes. Yes, it means all of the fucking above. Does that mean we’re coming to your town? I dunno? Did ur local promoter contact, ask us nicely and offer us a million dollars? Yes, then yes we are coming to ur town. And the album? How is the album? Well, u know what we like to do. Get lost and come back with the heat which is what we’ve done. Lots of surprises on it, as usual. Lots of stuff for u to sing a long to, lose ur shit to and hug ur bestie on the dance floor to. U know. A !!! record. And this is the first single, ‘Storm Around the World’ featuring Maria Uzor. We never left u. We’ve been here the whole time. Working hard to make something u would love and wanna party with us out there too. Can’t wait to see u.