Charlie Watts – RIP


Un’epoca leggendaria che perde uno dei suoi protagonisti principali. Charles Robert Watts è morto all’età di 80 anni. Di seguito il comunicato ufficiale da casa Rolling Stones. Cominciano ad arrivare i tributi social che aggiorneremo costantemente…

> Patti Smith: “This is Charlie Watts. Mourned and beloved by all”.

> Brad Wilk: “RIP Charlie Watts. Learned how to play drums listening to you. Sad day”.

> Annie Lennox: “Legend… R.I.P Charlie Watt”.

> Flea: “The most subtly, warmth and feel of any rock drummer in history. Rest beautifully Charlie we treasure your gifts”.

> Spoon: “The coolest. So much love for Charlie”.

> Matt Cameron: “Charlie Watts was the epitome of cool. His contributions to the world of music and drumming will live on forever. He had a beautifully greasy swagger in his drumming that was completely his own thing. He gave the Stones an authentic swing that partly came from his love of African American Be-Bop masters like Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk. I always admired the jazz sensibilities in Charlie’s playing, he refused to be defined as merely a rock drummer, he was so much more than that. I was fortunate to see Charlie and the Stones completely ROCK the house in 2019. Charlie was 78 at the time and sounded amazing! Thank you Charlie Watts”.

> Eddie Vedder: “We are so deeply, deeply saddened to hear of Charlie Watts passing. The impact he’s had on musicians and listeners across the planet is profound. His drumming style and drum sound will live on forever in the songs. The songs that are forever in our hearts. That’s where Charlie will be now. We were so lucky to have him. All our love and support to Mick, Keith, Ronnie and all of the Stones crew and family. It was a true honor every time we were in his presence”.

> Morrissey:

> Mike McCready: “Sad to hear of Charlie Watts passing. The Rolling Stones have always been my favorite band, and Charlie was the engine of subltle and heavy grooves. I’ll put on “Sway” which is my favorite song of all time. Any of us in a rock band wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for Charlie”.

> Pete Townshend: “Full Moon. Rainbow. Always a sign. Charlie Watts wept at Keith Moon’s funeral. I wish I was capable of such tears today. Instead I just want to say goodbye. Not a rock drummer, a jazz drummer really, and that’s why the Stones swung like the Basie band!! Such a lovely man. God bless his wife and daughter, and I’ll bet the horses will miss him too”.

> Lars Ulrich: “Charlie…
Thank you for paving the way.
Thank you for setting the standard.
Thank you for making it swing.
Thank you for being cool as fuck.
Thank you for literally inspiring every single rock ‘n’ roll drummer on this planet”

> Mick Fleetwood: “Dear Charlie ,
I, like so many, am sad today…
However, knowing there are no words, still I’m driven to say to you…“ You, in life, had style!!”
You as a player were above and beyond!! You are my dream come true!! 🥁 No one could drive a band like you!!
Most of all, again, the meaning of style comes to mind .. For sure …in simply everything you did!!!
Family took such focus in your life…in an often-unfocused world you lived in.
And in the best of humor…my God you were one hell of a sharp dresser!!
With SO much respect…and support to your family
There is now you, to keep the two and four, and MORE!!
You will be missed by so many…
Love and respect,
Mick Fleetwood & Fleetwood Mac”

> Juliette Lewis

> Kevin Bacon

> Ryan Adams: The first time I met Charlie Watts it must have been around 1997. They were working on Bridges to Babylon and I was out here in LA doing last minute overdubs to Strangers Almanac. Ethan Johns was at the end of the hall making that first Chris Stills album and Liz Phair was on the opposite end of the place with Scott Litt. It was busy and everybody had their “running into Keith” story. It was my first time in LA and it was overwhelming. Keith and Charlie were always saying hello and being friendly to everyone. That’s the first time I met Don Was. I was a drummer before I ever played guitar and meeting Charlie and Keith at the same time was mind blowing. Charlie would stand in the hall and listen to the mixes of his own album and I think he would get bored and sort of pop into my mix room. I always said hello to him everyday. He was really elegant. One day he tapped me on the shoulder and said “Ry can I show you something” – so we went into the hall. He had just bought a pair of really expensive penny loafers. He asked me if I had an “American penny” and honestly that’s all I had then. I gave him a penny and he went into the longest diatribe ever about how these penny loafers didn’t “actually fit an American penny in them”. For some reason I gave him a dime and he thought that was so funny. He tried the dime and it fit perfect. He looked at me with this incredibly serious face and said “well I got these for a bargain then. Every time I ever saw Charlie after I first met him in 97 he always remembered me and knew my name and made a point to say hello. It meant the world to me and honestly he didn’t have to do that. It amazed me and I never forgot that. A few years later when I opened for them I used to watch them make their way to the stage and he was always so funny doing these air drum paradiddles making funny faces at me and everybody. He lived to see his music change the world. A true RocknRoll pharaoh. How lucky is this world to have had a Charlie. Charlie Watts. RIP. I imagine him ascending into the cosmos with a smirk and a wink and the best pair of shoes on either side of the static. XO DRA

> Roger Taylor: “How sad, we’ve lost a true gentleman. The immaculate beating heart of the Rolling Stones. Sad day indeed.”

> The Tragically Hip: “Charlie Watts was the consummate gentleman and a huge inspiration to all of us in The Hip. Our hearts go out to his family, friends, and band mates.”

> Damon Hill: “I bumped into Charlie Watts once. In Ronnie Scott’s. He looked surprised to see me ‘What you doin here!’ he asked. ‘I’ve come to see you’ I said. He looked perplexed. Because he had no ego.”

> Brian May: “Sad sad news in the passing of Charlie Watts. Oh Lord. Deepest sympathies to his family – and to Keith, Mick and Ronnie to whom he was certainly beloved family. First picture is as I remember him, smiling and calm – from the Rolling Stones Facebook page. The second picture here is from a session I did with Charlie some years ago – the song was “Reaching Out” – with Paul Rodgers on vocal, Andy Fairweather-Lowe on rhythm guitar and myself on electric guitar. It was a lovely moment. For some people this might be a cliché – but in Charlie’s case it’s the absolute truth – he was the nicest gent you could ever meet. And such a pillar of strength for the Rolling Stones – to whom he brought a touch of Jazz and a mountain of pure Class. Bless you Charlie. Rest in Peace and Rock on. Bri”