Cento modi di dire buon 2016… celebrities tweets on New Year’s Eve


Dopo Natale arriva Capodanno. Ennesima occasione per postare, twittare, pubblicare foto, status, video, bomboni, semplici arrivederci al 2016. Ecco allora una simpatica lista di ciò che abbiamo trovato in giro nelle ultime 12 ore… (quasi) cento modi di dire Happy New Year!

Ryan AdamsMe and my pops

Axl Rose – The only thing I know “confirmed” is my LOVE of Taco Bell! Mmmmm…. Taco Bell!! Happy New Years!!

Bat For Lashes – Happy 2016! Thank you to all of you for your sweetness and support over this last year. There are so many good things to come! x

Black Sabbath – We wish you all Peace, Love and Hope for 2016!

Cat Power – Dear 2015, All the things you taught me, I hope I have learned. All the things I was gifted, I accept I have earned. All betrayals uncovered, I move on from those bridges burned. All those true in my life, I honor sincere. All the joy my son fills in me, I will strive to share. Dear 2016, I welcome a wonderful year


Charli XCXme rn planning 2016 releases like

Chvrches – New Year from the three of us See you in 2016.


Loz Colbert – More music to make, play, & enjoy in 2016…

Cold CaveHow New Year’s Eve always feels…

Miley Cyrus – Fuck yeah 2016! Soooo close I can c it!

Brody Dalle – Happy new year !!! Happy birthday to me and my fellow cappy’s here’s to 2016 being a year of kicking the asses of our fears and storming into the new year with compassion and love

Deerhoof – We hope you all have a Happy New Year! Even if its just you in bed by yourself.

Lana Del ReyHappy new year!

Duran Duran – We wish you a happy & peaceful New Year

Eagles Of Death Metal – A most heartfelt #HappyNewYear  to you, wherever you may be on this fine planet. We love you all, and can’t wait to see you again in 2016!!

Faithless – Thanks you for all your amazing support and love this year. Happy New Year!

Fall Out Boy – our 2016 resolution is to eat more pizza, obviously.

Franz FerdinandA new year message courtesy of John Hodge

Future Islands – Ring in the New Year with us tonight on the Jools Holland Hootenanny!!

Liam Gallagher – Happy New Year super chickens LG X

Garbage – HAppy New Year darklings! For you we wish 4 all things wonderful for you in 2016. All the secret longings in your hearts to come true

Kim Gordon – Happy new year!


Ellie Goulding – Happy New Year everyone. Be kind, be compassionate x

Laura Jane Grace – I just laced up my boots and am ready to kick the everliving hell out of 2016. Who’s with me?!?!

Josh Groban – Update, my lawyers have informed me that yes, people do in fact have a really really fun time and it’s just me. Damn. Happy new year anyway!

HAIM – Get ready 2016, we’re coming for you


James IhaCountdown to 2016

Joan Jett – Sent out 25 years ago and still rings true. Happy 2016 from Joan Jett & The Blackhearts!

Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionHappy New Year!

Lenny KravitzNew Year’s Eve vibe

Zoe Kravitz – Chill ašš beautiful New Years.

Lady Gaga – thank you to our fans and loved ones who bless us with so much each year. We had a beautiful holiday and are so grateful because it wouldn’t have been the same without you in our lives! Happy New Year’s Eve

Nikki Lane – Pretty sure I rang in the New Year at midnight last night. Tonight, I’m high on my own supply gettin’ a head start on 2016.

Jenny Lewis – scherza con i cognomi…. happy new year! dad, is that you? 
lewis and lewis

Juliette Lewis – #2016 is the year of the #Rocknrollmeerkat … She’s all live. All life. All the time

Jennifer LopezHappy new years

Courtney Love – Happy new year


Low – Happy New Year, everyone. Let’s see if we can turn this thing around this year.

Lush – Happy New Year from all of us to all of you. See you in 2016! xxx

Lykke Li – Not what I did yesterday but hopefully next year, I fell asleep at 10 pm, stone cold sober and somewhat hungry but with my two loves beside and inside me. 2015, you’re still a mystery to me but hopefully I learned what needed to be learned. An in between year, somewhat painful and disoriented but also restorative and full of love. Home is where the heart is. I look forward with hope, love and gratitude. Ps. I can’t wait to birth some music post birth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madonna – Fuckyeah2016. Bithces R U in my Gang?

Johnny Marr – Happy New Year Y’all

Duff McKagan – Happy New Year!

Metallica – Happy New Year!

Mono – Happy New Year, everyone! We wish you a new year that shines with new hopes and happy moments! Hope to see you all again soon.

Alison Mosshart


Roisin Murphy – Happy new year

Anton Newcombe – Wishing @TheDandyWarhols the very best for 2016

Stevie Nicks – Happy (late) New Year everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying 2016 so far (:

Gary Numan – Happy New Year Everyone. From all of us, to all of you, thank you. 

Ozzy Osbourne – Wishing everyone a peaceful 2016

David Pajo – Happy New Year, space travelers!

Tess Parks – happiest new year to you all

Katy Perry – NEW YEAR, NO FEAR

Grant Lee Phillips – Godt NytÅr, Gelukkig nieuwjaar, Bonne année, Ein glückliches neues Jahr, Godt Nytt År, Happy New Year

Pink Floyd – A very happy New Year to you all! What Pink Floyd music is kicking off your 2016?

Nile Rodgers – Happy New Year

Run The JewelsA strong finish, indeed!

Savages – Happy 2016

Shearwater – For New Years Eve, a teaser for something forthcoming. Happy New Year, from the Shearwater…

Skrillex – New Years resolution: slow down time

Sky Ferreira – HAPPY NEW YEAR! Instead of writing some giant personal post…I’m just going to say the solid points: Appreciate & love the people who are supportive & make a positive influence. Take care of yourself physically & mentally. Health is KEY! Change is good. Life is valuable/incredible. Fear will forever hold you back. Misery & getting fucked up aren’t productive or helpful when it comes to being creative (folklore lol). This is corny & I spent the last 2 minutes trying to say this another way but…you can only “free yourself”. I know most of you already know & understand all of this stuff. Same here…but I wasn’t actually doing it for a while. Now that I felt all of it (good & bad) it actually means something to me. My ❤️❤️❤️ for anyone that has or is experiencing any pain this year. I also know I’ve been really vague about my music so I appreciate the patience from some of you. I’ve been working on it the whole time & in 2016 you will hear it.I refuse to put out something that isn’t honest. It’s not something that I can force out. If I was to do it any sooner I either would have been compromising myself & anyone listening. I would have had to put out music that wasn’t true or a message I would not want to put out into the universe. As personal as my music is…the thing that lasts longer than I ever will is my actual “work”. I get the rare opportunity to have people listen & connect to it.I personally think with that comes a responsibility of making something that’s still true to me but still can somehow make someone feel better or less lonely. I can’t do that lying through my teeth.Needs to be the pretty/ugly/everything/nothing. For me, music (as a listener) was the most consistent & personal thing in my life that has helped me or healed me in every situation,to some capacity. If I even have a “goal”…it is to help do that for someone. Straight up. So THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!I’m so lucky to have friends & family.

Soundgarden from Soundgarden!

Paul Stanley – HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Thank you for the life you have made possible for me. I wish you all happiness&health

Barbra Streisand – Wishing everyone peace, love and especially good health. Follow your dreams in 2016. Happy new year!

Taylor SwiftNew video!

John Theodore – Happy new year! 2016 is already looking pretty great!

Two Door Cinema Club – Happy New Year! Looking forward to sharing new music, new shows, new everything with you guys! TDCC x

Carrie Underwood – Not only is it #NewYearsEve but it’s also a very important anniversary for me and @mfisher1212 #FirstDate #FirstKiss Our lives were forever changed from that night on. I wouldn’t change a thing! I love you baby! #TBT

Samantha Urbani – New Years resolution Not kiss anyone at midnight Not ever kiss anyone ever again till marriage

U2 – Happy New Year – Adam

Sharon Van Etten – That was a wonderful evening. Happy New Year, everyone. Be good. X

Dean Wareham – Happy new year

Kamasi Washington – This has been such an amazing year!!! I’ll never forget 2015!!!

Kanye Westascolta

Wilco – Celebrating years past as 2016 begins, shared by you. Happy new year

The xx – Happy new year! xx The xx

Rob Zombie –  A dyslexic walks into a bra… Happy New Year 2016. Hope it’s filled with laughter

ZZ Top – Look out 2016, here we come!