Built In Sun: debuttano Plummer e Jenkins


Joe PlummerModest Mouse, The Shins, The Black Heart Procession, Mister Heavenly e Cold War Kids – si unisce all’amico Pall JenkinsBlack Heart Procession, Three Mile Pilot – per far nascere i Built In Sun. Disco di debutto omonimo fuori il 7 agosto via PIAPTK. L’album che si avvale del prezioso aiuto al basso del prode Richard Swift viene così raccontato: “After the first instrumental mixes were finished (with help of from Richard Swift) he decided that the tunes and melodies just might be cool enough to ask a few of his pals to sing. Pall Jenkins (The Black Heart Procession) was the first. Within a day Pall sent back John John, with solid scratch vocals. Next day, another song. Next day another song… No use to ask anyone else. The songs came together with the addition of vocals and it felt good to again collaborate with Pall”. Primo singolo ‘V‘.