Bruce Rowland – RIP


Rimarrà per sempre il batterista di Joe Cocker (presente con la Grease Band a Woodstock) e dei Fairport Convention. A 74 anni è morto Bruce Rowland dopo aver perso la solita terribile battaglia contro il “male”. Nel 1970 Cocker e la Grease Band si separano, il musicista del Middlesex sarà comunque presente nei due album della formazione inglese (’71/’75) e in quel periodo lo ritroviamo anche con Ronnie Lane e Jackie Lomax. Suona la batteria nel disco ‘Jesus Chirst Superstar’ e successivamente entra nei Fairport Convention. Dave Pegg lo ricorda così:

Bruce Rowland was a lovely man and a great drummer. He saved the Rising for the Moon album recording sessions by joining us after Dave Mattacks left. His playing and “feel” for music was superb. His track record is remarkable. Playing at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo with The Guards band, teaching a young Phil Collins the drums, doing the recording sessions for “Jesus Christ Superstar” – for a fixed fee rather than accepting a royalty (something he always regretted) – and playing at Woodstock with Joe Cocker. Helping Ronnie Lane out on his circus tour and his great work with Fairport . When we split up in ’79 he married Birgitte Swarbrick and they moved to Denmark. For the last 25 years he and his partner Barbara have lived in Devon. They were married at Rowcroft Hospice in Torquay soon after he moved there suffering from cancer. I spoke to him on the phone a couple of weeks ago when I heard that he was terminally ill and I was scared to make the call. Bruce said – “No tears Peggy. I’ve had a great life and have wonderful memories. This hospice is the best hotel I have ever stayed in and the staff are wonderful. No tears” We will miss you Bruce.