Brexit: le reazioni del mondo musicale


Il voto è ormai andato. Addio UE. Ecco le reazioni del mondo musicale alla decisione della Gran Bretagna. I migliori commenti? “Little England” e “Moving to Mars with Bowie“.

DISCLOSURE – Moving to Mars with Bowie

Mike JOYCE – Little England

Liam GALLAGHER – Stop the world im getting off LG x

Alex KAPRANOS – Baby Boomers. The most selfish generation. Gifted in abundance from generations before. Stole from all generations to come after.

Stuart BRAITHWHITE – My worst case scenarios of worst case post #indyref scenarios never looked this bad. Honestly.

RUDIMENTAL – So we are out! Time to go make some music & try to return to a happy place! #EUref

Geoff BARROW – Thanks. You Mondeo driving bigoted Cunts…

BLANCK MASS – Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to hell

Daniel AVERY – What have you done?? What a pathetic little island

Johnny MARR – No one ever said that the majority know what they’re doing. All the more reason for the rest of us to stick together.

Ed SIMONS – Incredulous, sad, scared and angry…cannot take this in.

MDSLKTR – Brexit feels like 19th century thinking is making a devastating come-back…

Matthew HERBERT – wrong question, wrong time. and now a hugely divided country. in such voids, darkness falls.

HEALTH – We assume that Trump can’t win because the idea of him getting a majority vote is insane…Ask Great Britain how faith in logic worked out.

LEFTFIELD – We have retreated to the kind of Britain I thought we had forgotten how deeply depressing

COSEY FANNI TUTTI – What depressing news to wake to. Utter madness. WTFF!!!!

Loz COLBERT – Come to think of it, not sure if ‘my country’ really exists anymore…

Rachel GOSWELL – So utterly utterly disappointed with this country.

Stephen STREET – Just woke up to the news……..shit #EURefResults

Sean ADAMS – First Bowie. Then Prince. Now the pound along with the heart and the soul of the U.K

Simone MARIE – Idiots

Ellie GOULDING – Heartbroken to hear the news.

el-p – I just assembled a ham radio and collected 3 days worth of kindling

Alison MOYET – Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups.

DJ YODA – Listen to Portishead today. It’s sad and British.

Billy BRAGG – Worst of all outcomes: Very narrow victory. England votes out, Scotland in. Boris in debt to Farage. Rancour and division ahead.

BASTILLE – What the hell is going on?

Niall HORAN – It’s a sad day . The economic impact that this is going to have is definitely going to make those voters regret their decision

ZOMBY – The new dark age beckons

Lily ALLEN – How’s that stronger economy and NHS looking ?

BOY GEORGE – I went to the gym and now it looks like we are leaving? Could this be like one of those great football games?

CHER – Glued 2Brexit results with Frnds. “Leaves”Have Won.Frnds say Immigration played part in Vote. It’s Best Decision 4 All UK PPL



APPARAT – The idiots are winning

NOVELIST – Cameron you wet yout.

Olly ALEXANDER – who can say what will happen in the future, but today feels like a loss for unity and tolerance. i don’t want to say goodbye to my friends

Matty HEALY – I’m scared I want my Mum aka place in the European Union

DUA LIPA – What a sad day for the people of Britain. And a sad day for Europe.

STORMZY – How many retweets do I need to become prime minister

Sophie ELLIS-BEXTOR – Today I keep looking at my beautiful little boys with such a heavy heart. My country has not been kind to them, I feel. Dark days.

LABIRINTH – Today is a sad day for Britain. All the fear mongering actually worked and fear has won over sense

SHURA – Absolutely disgraceful. Completely ashamed of my country. Horrid news to wake up to

Damon ALBARN – I have a very heavy heart today because to my mind, democracy has failed us. Democracy has failed us because we were ill-informed. And I just want all of you to know, that when we leave here, we can change that decision. It is possible

Jonathan HIGGS – What a sad, wet, fart of a decision. Let’s celebrate with a slice of urinal cake for everyone. Oh, wait, just for us actually

Kyla LA GRANGE – Can’t believe a decision this big was given to to people who could never have been informed enough to make it. Should never have happened.

ANNIE MAC – Cameron should be made to stay for two years and see us out of the EU. It’s utterly wrong that he can create this chaos and then walk away.

Brian ENO


SWIM DEEP – farage, we are the ‘ordinary real people’ you talk about and you are so far fucking detached from us, we aint having any of it, ur pure evil. when we we’re growing up, workin class/”ordinary”, we did NOT dream ur dream, we dreamt of freedom and peace, not hate and fear.

Fred MACPHERSON – No words

YOUNG TURKS – This is truly devastating

FOXES – Be kind, be strong, and not afraid to be vulnerable. We are all learning from each other…we are all human, nothing else. Stay positive! X

WILD BEASTS – We just got smaller. The shame. H


Phil KING (Lush) – Plastic hipsters.

Noel GALLAGHER – Black Day.

Eric IDLE (Monthy Python) – UK. Foot. Shot

Hugh LAURIE – Congratulations exiters. Reverse is across and down, easy on the clutch

Carl BARAT – Gloomed

Carrie BROWNSTEIN – Let England Shake (PJ Harvey cit.)

James BAY – A sad day for a world of WE, of together, of common unity with our fellow humans

Tom BOOTH (James) – It’s a sad day but at least we are unified in our sadness that our country has turned against us




Poor and working class people have been used by nationalists and racist mavericks and the uber wealthy, even by the most corrupt corporations and big oil. Britain’s break from the EU disempowers one of the only international governing bodies that has any agency to effectively regulate the activities of multinational corporations. Corporations celebrate the weakening of any democratic face of international governance; Brexit only increases multinational corporate sovereignty. The UN has almost no power to enforce laws. They can only make weak tea suggestions.The EU, however imperfect, is the only international governing alliance that holds power sufficient to regulate multinational corporations, for instance by enforcing international laws that could arrest the oil, coal and fracking industries in an effort to limit global warming. The EU has enough power to affect the nuclear and weapons industries. The EU is also the only international governing body capable of having any significant influence over the United States and its actions. We forfeit a seat at the table of those conversations with volatile power at our own peril.

The legitimate frustrations compelling poor and working class people to vote “leave” are not going to subside as a result of this catastrophe. It is exactly during the cover of a crisis such as Brexit that the richest get even richer and bury their spoils in some far away land, while the poor eat each other’s faces. The grievances of England’s abandoned working classes are going to become even more brutal as a result of Brexit. The divide between the rich and the poor has much less to do with the EU and much more to do with the systematic dismantling of domestic legislation that was put in place after World War II to protect people from the worst impulses of capitalism. People haven’t lost their jobs and securities over the last 30 years because of the EU. They have lost them for the same reason that they have lost them in US, because legislation protecting the interests of the majority of people has been cruelly and systematically thinned, while a corrupt mogul media, wearing the lambskin of the poor, advocates for the stinking rich exactly by misleading and manipulating working class minds and votes. Corporations will simply move their business to more willing countries, and their beneficiaries will just build higher walls.

Poor people blaming other poor people (in this case, immigrants and refugees) is exactly the war that the most corrupt elements would have them fight. And poor people voting “against” the wealth of London and “against” the privileged political class are only succeeding in making the lives of other poor people worse. In order for real change to occur, the poor and working classes will have to be more meaningfully engaged than just voting occasionally as Rupert Murdoch and his cronies have told them to. But how do the increasingly disenfranchised working classes do that without access to an empowering education, or decent healthcare, or a reasonable quality of life, or job security, or a safe place to live, or freedom from violence, or an honest media, all of which they have been systematically denied? Why do you think that all the world’s populist racists have come out in support of Brexit? Brexit is not the wisdom of the poor at work. This is a prison riot, and those with the keys always win.

The elephant in the living room, of course, is the United States, and the country’s quarter-century campaign of “mistakes” in the Middle East, which has led to over a million US sponsored deaths in the region, and which has now led to the haemorrhaging of millions of refugees, fleeing for their lives, into Europe. When will we see an international court of law hold the United States accountable for its crimes against humanity? The crisis in the Middle East remains an infected wound that the US has tried to sew closed without cleaning. The infection has now spread across Europe in the form of terrorism, fear, and a refugee crisis. Brexit is the latest casualty in 25 years of United States’ criminal foreign policy, lack of accountability, and grotesque international negligence in the Middle East and neighboring states. Until the world perceives justice has been done, no balance can ever be restored. When will those responsible be held to account? – Anohni

BAT FOR LASHES – So disappointed… Such strange and anxious times

Duncan JONES – Suggest everyone in Britain go to their bookshops & order their New Britain users guide tomorrow morning.

HUDSON MOHAWKE – Predicting a lot of ppl moving to or back to Scotland….looks like England and U.S. have really fucked themselves

Devonté HYNES – England .. No!! I think it’s hard for non Brits to understand fully why this is so heart breaking and scary