Bob Burns – RIP


Scompare a 64 anni vittima di un incidente stradale Robert LouisBobBurns, Jr., batterista originale e co-fondatore dei seminali Lynyrd Skynyrd. Il musicista americano è morto a Cartersville in Georgia. Dal 1966 (con pausa nel 1969) al 1974 fa parte della band (compare nei leggendari ‘Pronounced ‘Lĕh-‘nérd ‘Skin-‘nérd’ e ‘Second Helping’) sostituito poi da Artimus Pyle. Nel 2006 ritrova i suoi vecchi compagni sul palco della Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Gary Rossington scrive:

“Well, today I’m at a loss for words, but I just remember Bob being a funny guy. He was just so funny, he used to do skits for us and make us laugh all the time, he was hilarious! Ironically, since we played Jacksonville yesterday. Dale, my daughter and I, went by the cemetery to see some of the guys in the band and my parents grave sites. On the way back, we went by Bob Burns’ old house. It was there in the carport where we used to first start to practice with Skynyrd. My heart goes out to his family and God bless him and them in this sad time. He was a great great drummer”