Arab Strap: il nuovo album


A quattro anni dall’amichevole split e a circa quindici dall’ultimo album ‘The Last Romance’, Aidan Moffat e Malcolm Middleton, gli Arab Strap, a settembre erano tornati con il brano ‘The Turning Of Our Bones’ preludio all’annuncio del nuovo album ‘As Days Get Dark’. Il disco sarà fuori il 5 marzo via Rock Action anticipato dai singoli ‘Compersion Pt. 1’ e ‘Here Comes Comus!’. Moffat racconta: “It’s about hopelessness and darkness, but in a fun way. This album feels like its own new thing to me. It’s definitely Arab Strap, but an older and wiser one, and quite probably a better one. I’ve never been interested in making slick records, but the new stuff sounds much fuller, brighter and better because we actually know what we’re doing. I think for a long time we didn’t know how to express what we wanted in a studio”.