Andy Johns – R.I.P.


Tra i più grandi produttori ed igegneri del suono che il suolo britannico abbia mai avuto. E’ morto all’età di 61 anni Andy Johns. Straordinario il suo lavoro per album entrati nella leggenda come ‘Led Zeppelin IV’, ‘Highway’ dei Free, ‘Marquee Moon’ dei Television o ‘Exile On Main Street’ dei Rolling Stones (con i quali lavora dal 1968 al 1973). E ancora Van Halen, Humble Pie, Joni Mitchell, Ozzy Osbourne e tantissimi altri. Johns arrivava da una famiglia di ingegneri del suono visto che il fratello più grande è Glyn Johns (The Who, Eagles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin) e il nipote è Ethan Johns (Ryan Adams, Kings of Leon, Kaiser Chiefs, Rufus Wainwright). A 19 anni è già al fianco di Eddie Kramer e lavora anche sugli album di Jimi Hendrix. Ecco il ricordo di alcuni “artisti”:

Peter Frampton
Andy Johns engineer/producer has left us way too soon. RIP

Brian May
So sad to hear of the passing of Andy Johns … 
great record producer. 
Lovely guy – patient, skilled, funny, encouraging, sharp … 
all the qualities you want in someone who is getting your music on to tape.
I remember him as one of the Olympic Studios team in Barnes … 
playing around with varying tape speeds and early phasing … with George Chiantz …
He went on to become one of the very top rock producers in the world.
Condolences to all the family. Andy was such a great guy.

Kevin Shirley
Very sad to learn of the passing of Andy Johns today – too young to go – Andy is a bona fide legend. I met him in New York with Pat and Zoe Thrall when he was very condescending to me at Ruby Foo’s over some cold sake, but after listening to some work became somewhat of a fan (according to my friend Pat Thrall, who witnessed him listening to one of my Aerosmith mixes for hours). Andy’s legacy is huge – The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin Official to name a couple. R.I.P. Andy – where ever it is you go to – I know you’ll keep ‘em rocking!
Love and R.E.S.P.E.C.T. in boat loads…

Chad Smith
RIP Andy Johns..made some of my favorite all time records.

RIP Andy Johns. 1 of the great engineer/producers of our time; Free, Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, the list goes on. He will be sorely missed.