Andy Fraser – RIP


Rimarrà per sempre il bassista dei Free. Scompare a 62 anni Andy Fraser. “Andrew McLan Fraser passed away on Monday at his home in California. He leaves behind his daughters Hannah and Jasmine Fraser, and their mother Ri, his sister Gail, brothers Gavin and Alex, and many friends and associates in the industry. A survivor of both cancer and AIDS, Andy was a strong social activist and defender of individual human rights”. Nato a Londra nel 1952, Fraser a 15 anni inizia con John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers successivamente è già uno dei fondatori dei Free. “I still hadn’t turned 16 before I had been replaced in the Blues Breakers, and been put in touch with Paul Kossoff, who along with Simon and Paul Rodgers were searching for a bass-player – without success. I was very impressed with Kossoff’s playing when he came over to my mother’s house…”. Nella sua bio scriveva: “I had major neck-surgery, which didn’t take care of it, and every day for about 3 years I had to find a new reason not to off myself, until it was properly diagnosed… Kaposi’s Sarcoma (cancer).. which I beat back 29 times, and then found out I had gotten AIDS along the way. All of this, and taking responsibility for my own lack of vigilance, have all strengthened me, and made me fully aware there is no more time to waste”. Nel 1972 l’addio ai Free e poco dopo eccolo formare gli Sharks assieme al cantante dei magnifici Baker Gurvitz Army e a uno dei più grandi session guitarists di sempre ovverosia Chris Spedding. Fraser però rimane solo per il primo album. Nel 1975 escono i due lavori della Andy Fraser Band, collabora con altri artisti e pubblica qualche lavoro solista (l’ultimo nel 2005). Fraser è morto nella sua abitazione in California dove viveva ormai da quasi 40 anni.