Alan McGee: i primi singoli della nuova etichetta


Il ritorno all’attività discografica lo aveva annunciato a fine 2012. Una rentrée dietro la “scrivania” per lanciare una nuova etichetta che in molti pensavano e/o speravano fosse la Creation 2.0. Invece il marpione Alan McGee ha deciso di lasciare il passato al passato (“about the past and has been done”) facendo nacsere la 359 Records. Sei mesi dopo ecco le prime tre uscite. Tre singoli spalmati il 30 settembre e che riguardano John Lennon McCullagh (foto), Chris Grant e i Mineral. Andiamo con ordine. John Lennon McCullagh: ‘North South Divide’ “is a song which reflects his working class upbringing in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Only fifteen years old, John clearly speaks for a generation of dispossessed teenagers”. Chris Grant: ‘It’s You’ “is about you, the listener. I wrote it for people to look at themselves in a world flooded with distraction from what is real”. Mineral: ‘Serial Monkey’ “by indietronica act Mineral. Its key lyric might just be you laugh at everybody else’s jokes because you ain’t got any of your own”.

In addition to downloadable tracks, the singles will also be available on 7” vinyl as limited editions of just 359 copies, each with an exclusive B-side. Chris’s choice is one of his own songs, ‘Ringing In The Wind’, while John offers a performance of Bob Dylan’s legendary protest song ‘Masters Of War’ and Mineral cover My Bloody Valentine’s classic ‘When You Sleep’.