Al Jarreau – RIP


Proprio qualche giorno fa aveva annunciato il ritiro dalle scene. Un presentimento, forse. Scompare a 76 anni Alwyn Lopez “Al” Jarreau che era stato ricoverato a Los Angeles per una polmonite. Un’autentica leggenda della musica americana che ha attraversato con estrema eleganza e gusto 50 anni di carriera.

L’annuncio della famiglia:

“He will be missed. His 2nd priority in life was music. There was no 3rd. His 1st priority, far ahead of the other, was healing or comforting anyone in need. Whether it was emotional pain, or physical discomfort, or any other cause of suffering, he needed to put our minds at ease and our hearts at rest. He needed to see a warm, affirming smile where there had not been one before. Song was just his tool for making that happen.”