Aaron FULLER – R.I.P.


Aaron Fuller lead singer della punk band americana dei Plan 9 è morto lunedì notte a San Francisco a causa di un incidente motociclistico. Fuller, che aveva 35 anni, tornava a casa quando per cause ancora da accertare è finito giù da un cavalcavia. I Plan 9 di Oakland (spudoratamente ispirati ai Misfits) hanno diffuso queste righe ufficiali: “I keep calling people to make sure it’s for real and I’m not making some fucked-up mistake. If only… I know he was real happy with the new CD and was looking forward to doing gigs with us. Who knows what he would’ve done if he’d had the time. He was the type of person who could do whatever he set his mind to. Plan 9 was proof of that. He’d never been in a band before, or wanted to, for that matter. But he came in from day one and kicked it’s ass.