A day with Tess Parks


In attesa di vederla al Rome Psych Fest la giovane musa di Anton Newcombe annuncia nuove collaborazioni con il leader dei Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Tess Parks si è affacciata per la prima volta in Italia quest’estate, nella splendida cornice del Siren Festival di Vasto, poi però la cantautrice canadese non è ripartita subito, ha voluto prima far visita ad una cara amica di Roma che le ha organizzato un dj-set in un locale del centro. All’epoca Tess non era ancora stata annunciata al Rome Psych Fest, così essendo la sua prima volta nella città eterna, abbiamo unito l’intervista con un giretto turistico in centro, più o meno verso le prime luci dell’alba. Musica e chiacchiere tra piazze e monumenti, il Pantheon e le collaborazione con Anton Newcombe, Fontana di Trevi e la scena musicale di Toronto, con la speranza di un suo imminente ritorno, sia per vedere meglio la città che per suonare in concerto. Sarà headliner del ‘Lucertola stage’ nella prima serata del Rome Psych Fest al Monk.

After one year from the release of I Declare Nothing how your life changed and how your career evolved?

We just finished the tour and I can say I’m a better musician now, Anton is very wise, I know I’ve been very lucky and I wanna keep going with him.

Collaborating with a musician like Anton means having a lot of exposition, but also going through big expectations from the psych scene fans, how are you dealing with it and what’s in store for the future?

Well, Anton and me are making another record together, but before that I’m going to collaborate also with Brian Jonestown Massacre, singing on stuff and writing lyrics. It’s great because he’s got a lot of fans, so people pay attention to what he’s doing.

(In attesa che esca ‘Third World Pyramid’ il 28 ottobre ecco il DEMO che Anton Newcombe ha messo online per la title-track del nuovo album dei BJM in cui canta anche Tess Parks)

You’re young and promising but you already know how music business works, if you will receive “an offer you can’t refuse” would you rather “serve” in mainstream pop, also if it would mean to sacrifice your artistic principles, or would you remain true to your art?

I would obviously remain true to my art, but I can also sing in a dance song, I mean, why not? Or if someone would bring me a very good hip hop song and asks me to sing, why not? It’s hard to make big money being an alternative artist, because not everybody understands this kind of music, it’s definitely kind of niche, ya know.  For example if someone asks me if I can do a song for a car commercial and they pay me it’s ok, I don’t think I can do something like a Britney Spears song, or a video with me in bikini dancing around, that’s not me. I think if you can find a compromise and you feel comfortable with what you do, it’s ok.

Do you think is there any space for psych music in mainstream scene?

Sure, like Tame Impala and Temples, they done really well. Obviously there are other good underground bands, but I think that everything in time can find his place in the world. You know, “psych” or “psychedelic” is a weird world, it could mean a lot of things, also a pop song if it transports or if it makes you freak out on the dance floor, that’s free, that’s “psychedelic”.

Who is the most pop/mainstream artist you would like to collaborate with?

Anyone from Oasis, anyone from 90’s brit-pop scene! I love that music.

And who would you choose if you could ask to however you want for an experimental collaboration?

I guess someone like Death In Vegas, or Zero 7, or like Sneaker Pimps, someone like that.

Is there any italian band that you like or that you know?

There’s a lot of cool italian bands from the 60’s but I can’t name anybody, I found them in some compilations, but I know Sonic Jesus, but not too much else, you should send me some music!

(Le ho consigliato i Giobia e regalato l’EP de Le Mura che avevo con me)

Do you have any new or undiscovered good band from the canadian scene to suggest? I know a band called Mexican Slang for example, but I guess you know better…

Yeah! They’re from Toronto, they’re really cool! Uhm, my friend’s Laura’s band, they’re called Twist. uhm… Dead Ghosts and also my friends Vallens, they’re from Toronto too. Yeah, I can say that Toronto has a really cool music scene.

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