A day with L.A. Witch


Expect a lot of reverb
Dall’incubo del furto degli strumenti alla sorpresa più inaspettata. Le cronache del tour delle L.A. Witch, la vita di tre ragazze sempre in “giro”.

Brutta storia suonare a Roma quando gioca la Roma, il vento soffiava balle di fieno già verso le 22 e di lì a un’ora la situazione è cambiata di poco, ne hanno fatto le spese le L.A. Witch, che si sono esibite al Monk davanti ad una platea piuttosto scarna. Purtroppo Roma è questo ed ha meritatamente perso anche sul campo da gioco. La cosa positiva è che c’è stato tutto il tempo e la calma per fare quattro chiacchiere con le ragazze prima del concerto, comunque portato professionalmente a termine davanti a una trentina di persone, che hanno fatto il possibile per donare un po’ di entusiasmo al power trio garage psych statunitense che potrebbe riaffacciarsi in Italia già il prossimo autunno per promuovere il nuovo disco in arrivo quest’estate.

How did you know each other and how did you start the band?

Sade Sanchez: Oh well, when we started the band we were a four piece band. Irita and I worked in the same place, American Apparel, Elle and I we met at high school then we started play together.  

How would you consider the path of your career until now? did you already have any hard period or difficulties?

SS: Yeah. It’s very hard, you know music industry and stuff. It’s a lot of hard work and it takes a long time before you start to live with it. We tour almost all the time just to survive, you know. We’re growing a lot from it, facing many challenges like broken down tour bus, or having our gear stolen in Bristol…

Yes, I’ve heard about it. It’s such a shame. How did you be able to keep on touring after that?

SS: The Guitar Center, a huge company of musical instruments, decided to donate us the gear to continue our tour because they said they like us and wanted to help us out in that situation. We’re so happy to have the occasion to say thank you once again for this. We got used to going through every situation, because we have to. We had a lot of support also from our friends and family. We are so lucky.

Who were the first musicians that started to believe in your project and helped you the most being known in the scene?

SS: There was a lot of L.A. musicians and band, but one in particular was Paige Stark from the band Tashaki Miyaki, she was the first who took us in a studio, recording our EP and she heard us and believed us. That EP just helped us a lot.

You also made some good supporting tours and participated to some great festivals, is there anyone of the artist you met you would like to collaborate with?

SS: There are so many that we wish to collaborate with or to play with again, recently toured with The Kills and guitarist Jamie Hince has been getting in producing, or I guess he is been producing for a while and maybe one day we will have him on a record or something.

It’s not very common to see an all female bands like you, are you satisfied about the attention you get for your music or sometimes you suspect that some curiosity could come also because you’re a female power trio?

SS: We would like to think that it’s not curiosity because we are girls, I think it’s a huge part of it. You know female bands scene it’s growing and it’s always been around.

Who were the artists who inspired you the most?

Elle English: We collectively really love Black Sabbath.
SS: We all love The Gun Club, My Bloody Valentine, The Cramps, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Sonic Youth…

Is there any band that you’ve been compared to and that you don’t like?

SS: Uhm, there’s not one that we don’t like, but that we disagree, I would say the Dum Dum Girls. We’ve been compared to a lot of bands just because they’re girls.

Are you working on new material while you’re on tour?

SS: Yeah, it’s something that we’re learning to do. You can’t don’t write just because we’re not home.

When it’s the album coming out?

SS: It’ll be released in August.

What can we expect? Is it going to be different from what you’ve done until now, or is it connected?

SS: I can’t really say what to expect. The only thing I can say to expect is a lot of reverb.

di Nick Matteucci

foto di Sabrina Vani