10 Things That Make Morrissey Happy


Una classifica stilata da Morrissey per il magazine Paper. Le 10 cose che lo rendono estremamente felice e forse una delle rare volte in cui è possibile dialogare con l’ex-Smiths in maniera “leggera”.

1. Hospital staff saying “You’re free to go.”

2. Friendships without financial gain.

3. The mental exercise of laughter.

4. Television reporters who do NOT bounce their hands around in order to emphasize their words.

5. People who offer more honesty than most are willing to give.

6. Those who listen instead of merely waiting for a gap to butt in.

7. Showing kindness to animals — it saves the world.

8. Succeeding after your record label has deliberately dumped you in a ditch.

9. When the day ahead is yours to waste as you wish.

10. Feeling content to just be there.