Van Dyke Parks: il nuovo album


Con estrema gioia dell’anima e del cuore annunciamo il ritorno discografico del maestro Van Dyke Parks. Compositore ed autore raffinatissimo, influente durante la sua leggendaria collaborazione con Brian Wilson (si ascolti ‘Smile’ dei Beach Boys), ma anche produttore, interprete, musicista, al fianco tra i tanti di Frank Zappa, The Byrds, Wainwright padre e figlio, Joanna Newsom, senza dimenticare la sua produzione solista. Archivio personale che inizia nel 1968 con ‘Song Cycle’, magnifico concentrato di pop folk psichedelico dalla già inconfondibile vena barocco-sperimentale, che avrebbe contraddistinto le sue avventure successive. Sei gli album di studio ai quali si aggiunge il nuovo ‘Song Cycled’ che riprende dal titolo proprio quell’esordio così fragoroso. Il disco arriva il 5 maggio via Bella Union ed è composto da materiale originale, cover e brani di quel passato rivisitati per l’occasione. Eccolo presentare il lavoro: In both cases [of Song Cycle and Songs Cycled], there’s a maverick on the loose, with a highly personal set of tunes and instrumentals. All of them reveal an iconoclast tilting at windmills, railing at tyrants, barking at masters of war, and celebrating a shameless commitment to the very definition of ‘Americana’. As I was in my brunette era, at age 70, I’m found looking through the glass darkly. These new songs show more than a hint of an eco-politic. In fact, there’s nothing more precious than the song-form to revolutionize popular thoughts and practices that need a jolt of shock therapy. Yet, songwriters must work with a leger demain. A light hand and heart can draw more approval than a heavy-handed scold. My first aim is to entertain the ear with beautiful sounds. I try to do that as an arranger. These pieces reveal my best effort.”

1. ‘Dreaming of Paris’ (original)
2. ‘Hold Back Time’ (re-recording of a 1995 song from the Orange Crate Art album with Brian Wilson)
3. ‘Sassafras’ (new recording, originally by Billy Edd Wheeler in 1961)
4. ‘Black Gold’ (November 30, ‘02 – a fantasy on the sinking of The Prestige, off the coast of the Bay of Biscay)
5. ‘Aquarium’ (cover of 1886 Saint-Saëns piece, an analogue recording with the Esso Trinidad Steel Band in 1971 – VDP produced their album)
6. ‘Money Is King’ (picks up where Wall Street ends, written with Growling Tiger, a.k.a.- Trinidadian Calypso musician Neville Marcano)
7. ‘Wall Street’ (original)
8. ‘The Parting Hand’ (1835 hymn from the tradition of unaccompanied choral music known as the Sacred Harp)
9. ‘The All Golden’ (new recording from VDP’s 1967album Song Cycle)
10. ‘Wedding in Madagascar’(traditional a capella folk-song, arranged and adapted by VDP)
11. ‘Missin’ Missippi’ (original)
12. ‘Amazing Graces’ (instrumental with the ‘Van Dyke Parks Orchestra’)


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