The Ministry Of Wolves


La Mute semplifica e riassume il progetto: “Alexander Hacke, Mick Harvey, Danielle de Picciotto and Paul Wallfisch have collaborated – for the first time – as The Ministry Of Wolves. The album, Music From Republik der Wölfe is released on 10 March 2014″. La prima rappresentazione avverrà il 15 febbraio a Dortmund per un album particolare che viene così presentato: “Based on the writings of the Brothers Grimm, in particular Anne Sexton’s ‘Transformations’ (1971), the Pulitzer Prize winning poet’s reworking of the Grimm’s fairy tales, the album has been created as a soundtrack to ‘Republik der Wölfe’ a theatre production directed by Claudia Bauer”. I protagonisti sono dunque Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten / Crime & The City Solution), Mick Harvey (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds), Danielle de Picciotto (Crime & The City Solution nonchè fondatorice della Love Parade berlinese) e Paul Wallfisch (direttore artistico del Theater Dortmund).


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