The Dream Syndicate: in Italia


Due anni dopo il mirabile ‘Did I Find Myself Here?’, ritorno discografico atteso quasi 30 anni, i Dream Syndicate annunciano il nuovo album ‘These Times’ che sarà fuori il 3 maggio via ANTI- anticipato dal singolo ‘Black Light’. Registrato con John Agnello il disco viene così raccontato da Steve Wynn: “When I was writing the songs for the new album I was pretty obsessed with Donuts by J Dilla. I loved the way that he approached record making as a DJ, a crate-digger, a music fan wanting to lay out all of his favorite music, twist and turn the results until he made them into his own. I was messing around with step sequencers, drum machines, loops — anything to take me out of my usual way of writing and try to feel as though I was working on a compilation rather than ‘more of the same.’ You might not automatically put the Dream Syndicate and J Dilla in the same sentence, but I hear that album when I hear our new one”. Cinque le date in Italia.

18 giugno @ Spilla-Mole Vanvitelliana/Ancona

19 giugno @ Circolo Magnolia/Milano

20 giugno @ Arena Cappuccini/Cesenatico-FC

21 giugno @ Teatro Astoria/Fiorano Modenese

22 giugno @ Monk/Roma