Swans: in Italia (final performance)


‘The Glowing Man’ il quattrodicesimo album uscito nel giugno 2016. Michael Gira e compagni poco raccomandabili tornano ancora una volta in Italia dopo la recente data agostana per un ultimo imperdibile appuntamento. Quintetto base + l’ultimo arrivato alle tastiere Paul Wallfisch. A definire le “ultime esibizioni” con questa line up come annunciato da Michael Gira via social.

“The final Swans tour (for this exuberant and heroic iteration of the band) is in its final stages. Of particular interest to me personally are the FINAL 3 SHOWS (AT WARSAW, IN BROOKLYN), since they take place in NYC, the womb wherein Swans was initially gestated. There will be no other East Coast shows surrounding this last stand, and this is it. Finished”.

20 ottobre @ TPO/Bologna


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