Sun And Sail Club: Kyuss + Fu Manchu


In alto i cuori stoner! Supertrio che nasce con il nome Sun And Sail Club e che vede come protagoniste tre vecchie canaglie del mestiere come Bob Balch, Scott Reeder (Fu Manchu) e Scott Thomas Reeder (Kyuss). Il disco d’esordio si chiama ‘Mannequin’ ed esce a novembre via Satin Records Recordings con la produzione di J. Robbins. Balch spiega il sound: “really frantic and dark and featured lots of notes and strange chords”. E sulla scelta del bassista Reeder: “I really wanted Scott Reeder to play bass on it. I love the work he’s done in his recording studio too, so I figured that if we recorded stuff there, hopefully he’d dig it and play on it… He asked to play on it and I almost crapped myself. I don’t think I’ve ever said ‘Yes!’ faster. His bass lines are insane”. Guarda trailer


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