Shellac: il nuovo album


Il quinto album dei fuoriclasse a nome Shellac è molto vicino. Sei anni dopo ‘‪Excellent Italian Greyhound‬’ Steve Albini conferma la fine dei lavori: “Test pressings are in and we’re working on the cover artwork. I can’t give you a firm, hard and fast date for when it will be in the stores, but it’s underway”. Nel disco ci saranno otto tracce (di dieci) già presentate live negli ultimi anni. Albini continua: “Shellac has finished a new album this year and so in the last six months I’ve been listening to that stuff kind of a lot. Partly analytically, to see if we’ve made all the right steps in the mix, to see if there’s anything we need to do in mastering. Now that the mastering’s done, just listening to it, to see if there’s anything in the mastering that needs to be improved. Once the test pressings are in you listen to the test pressings to listen for manufacturing problems – then I’d be surprised if I put the record on much after that for the rest of my life”.

12 settembre: il nuovo album si intitola ‘Dude, Incredible’. Albini: “You know, that sort of stuff doesn’t really mean anything anymore. The people who buy records are not lining up at the record store on the day of release”.

15 novembre: Sulla scelta del titolo Albini rivela: “In any group of people, you end up getting stuck in these kinds of conversational loops where certain phrases or things come up again and again. It just seemed for a while there that was a very satisfying way to resolve any question of quality. Like, how was breakfast? Dude, incredible. You know? It was weird. It’s weird how those things develop but I find it quite satisfying to sort of pay respect to those little conversational quirks”.

18 novembre: Todd Trainer: “It sounds like a Shellac record. There are no piano or percussion overdubs, just the three of us playing live in the studio as always, with most of the vocal parts recorded afterwards. The release date will be whenever it’s ready to go”.

1 luglio: ‘Dude Incredible’ esce il 16 settembre. “This is Shellac’s fifth LP. Recording took place sporadically over the past few years at Steve’s ELECTRICAL AUDIO studios in Chicago. The record was mastered by Steve Rooke at ABBEY ROAD. There is no comma in ‘Dude Incredible’; like Sir Duke or King Friday, for example”.

4 settembreSteve Albini racconta il disco traccia per traccia.

“Dude Incredible”
One word: “monkeys”

One word: “compulsive”

“You Came In Me”
One word: “intercourse”

“Riding Bikes”
One word: “vandalism”

“All the Surveyors”
One word: “survey”

“The People’s Microphone”
One word: “altogether”

One word: “Indiana.”

One word: “pun.”

One word: “snappy.”

UPDATE – A fine ottobre saranno a Helsinki, Stoccolma, Trondheim, Oslo, Gotheborg, Copenaghen, Aarhus, Amburgo. Sembrano poi già confermate anche le due date del 2015 che li avranno come protagonisti al Primavera Sound di Barcellona (28 maggio) e al NOS portoghese (4 giugno). Rimaniamo in attesa.


Shellac + Bellini @ Extra Alternative Club [Recanati, 7/Ottobre/2010], Shellac + Mission Of Burma @ Serralves [Porto, 25/Maggio/2010], Shellac + Sondre Lerche @ Circolo degli Artisti [Roma, 2/Giugno/2007]