Shaun Ryder: l’anthem inglese


Dopo i Manic Street Preachers che hanno scritto il nuovo inno gallese per EURO 2016, tocca a Shaun Ryder degli Happy Mondays cimentarsi con l’anthem inglese. ‘We Are England’ è prodotto da Paul Oakenfold e Goldie (!!!) con la voce ospite di Kermit dei Black Grape (il brano è infatti accreditato come Four Lions). Ryder racconta: “We have the youngest team in the Euros which is a good thing – when you’re young you deal with things in a different way. They have to score goals and that’s what they’ve done since they were 8 years old, so it’s just another game for them. Hopefully our song will send out a positive vibe to the England fans and put a smile on there faces. We made this record for the real heroes of our country, the working men and women of England”.



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