Sebadoh: il nuovo album


24 maggio via Fire Records. A distanza di quasi sei anni dall’ultimo squillo ‘Defend Yourself’ i Sebadoh – Lou Barlow, Jason Loewenstein e Bob D’Amico – annunciano ‘Act Surprised’ (nono capitolo) anticipato da ‘Celebrate The Void‘. “The first line of this song: ‘I get the feeling you don’t feel me’ is pretty good. It could be a line in an Ariana Grande song, I like it. I followed it from there through some general complaints about a composite character in my life, someone I could never crack. Sometimes the walls are too high. If you think about it, the resistance was always there, even in the very beginning. What to do? Pick endlessly at the seams? Replay moments in my head looking for a way to explain it all? No, stop, there is no one answer and that’s OK… Celebrate the void”. Un mese dopo ecco il nuovo singolo ‘Stunned‘ a cui segue ‘Raging River’.