Ryley Walker: il nuovo album


Fuori il 18 maggio via Dead Ocean il ritorno discografico di Ryley Walker con ‘Deafman Glance’. Registrato e mixato da Cooper Crain (Bitchin’ Bajas, Cave) è co-prodotto dallo stesso Walker assieme a LeRoy Bach. Anticipato dal singolo ‘Telluride Speed‘ viene così raccontato dall’artista americano: 

“I think more than anything the thing to take away from this record is that I appreciate what improv and jamming and that outlook on music has done for me, but I wanted rigid structure for these songs. I don’t want to expand upon them live. There’s a looseness to some of the songs I guess, but I didn’t want to rely on just hanging out on one note. I was under a lot of stress because I was trying to make an anti-folk record and I was having trouble doing it. I wanted to make something deep-fried and more me-sounding. I didn’t want to be jammy acoustic guy anymore. I just wanted to make something weird and far-out that came from the heart finally. I was always trying to make something like this I guess, trying to catch up with my imagination. And I think I succeeded in that way — it’s got some weird instrumentation on there, and some surreal far-out words. And it’s more Chicago-y sounding. Chicago sounds like a train constantly coming towards you but never arriving. That’s the sound I hear, all the time, ringing in my ears.”

Nuovo brano in regalo ‘Opposite Middle‘.