Ryan Adams: con Depp e Bob Mould


Una collaborazione nata prima. Prima di questa curiosa esibizione del 19 settembre allo Shepherds Bush Empire di Londra che ha visto duettare Ryan Adams e Johnny Depp (recentemente apparso nell’ultimo video di Paul McCartney) su ‘Mother’  – cover del brano dei Danzig (guarda) – e su ‘Kim’ brano dello stesso Adams (guarda). L’artista americano rivela infatti che insieme proprio a Depp e a Bob Mould (quest’ultimo già protagonista nei suoi surreali spot commerciali – guarda) è stato già impegnato in un paio di sessioni ai Pax-Am studios. We’ve actually had a couple (of sessions) now. The first one was pretty out of control – it was awesome. Bob was on guitar, I was on bass half the time and Johnny was on bass half the time and switched through guitar. My friend Marshall was on drums. The jams aren’t just ‘Let’s just goof off’ the songs are real. Songs are constructed. I don’t think some of those jams would have sounded out of place on a Die Kreuzen record or Husker Du’s Metal Circus or something. Even a few of them were kind of contemporary, it was cool”.

Quando uscirà un disco? “I don’t know, man. We haven’t sat down and finished all the vocal stuff on that yet, it just exists. It exists and we’ll do something with it. Sometimes we go through Johnny’s phone because he plays guitar into his voicenotes, so he’ll have some riff or some bridge or some chorus that he’ll have done on a film set somewhere or whatever and he’ll come round and play us a couple and I’ll be like ‘Oh man, let’s put a verse there’, stuff starts happened and an hour later the song is done. It’s the same with anybody there. It’s that kind of thing – ‘What are we going to do today?'”.